Its really good to spent time with friends and relatives,you may have all the gadget that keeps you engageded and comfortable but we need the human interaction.You can read all the books in the world but the human touch is also important,too much of something is not good and also when you do something for a very long time it become boring and you are demoralized on doing it.Having real people and socializing in real life helps you build your personality and the challenges you go through trying to fit in make you rethink your steps,makes you evaluate yourself.By comparing yourself to real people not machines makes you to want more and more of improvement to better the game that you are into.


Selling steps and why everybody should know how to sale

There is four main steps to follow when selling which are very important and they are; preliminary this where you build familiarity with the buyer.Second is investigating,this where you try to understand the needs of the buyer buy asking direct questions to the buyer.Third,demonstrating capacity,showing to the buyer that you have the capacity to produce result.Forth,obtaining commitment,this making the buyer to form an opinion of buying your product.Our day to day activities revolves around selling,everything that we do is selling e.g when looking for a job you must sale yourself to the interviewers and show your capacity,also when looking for a wife you must impress your wife to be that you are a capable young man and you have the capacity to take care of her better than other men who are also asking for his hand,all is selling that makes selling an important act that everybody should know and try to understand what makes you stand out as a good sales man or woman.


These the warming up events that occur before the serious selling begin.This include things as the way you introduce yourself and how you begin the conversation its very important in small sale as the fast impression my influence the buyers behavior and affect his decision towards your product.Most buyers buy products they don’t want only because of good presentation and risking a few shilling is no big deal.Risk involved in small sales is very minimal that makes it very easy to manipulate the customer to buy something he doesn’t want.


Almost every sale involve finding  something out by asking questions.You may be uncovering the need or gating a better understanding of your customers.investigating is the most important of all the selling skills,and its particularly crucial in large sales.

3.Demonstrating Capacity

In most sales you will need to demonstrate to customers that you’ve something worthwhile to offer.You have to show customer that you have a solution and that it makes a worthwhile contribution to helping solve their problem and by good investigating you can demonstrate capacity very easily.

4.Obtaining Commitment

A successful sale will end with some sort of commitment from the customer.In smaller sales the commitment is usually in the form of a purchase,but in large sales there may be a whole range of other commitments you have to obtain before you reach the order stage.Your objective in large sales may be to gate access to a higher level of decision makers.Large sales contain a number of intermediate steps .Each step advances the customer commitment towards the final decision.It is in this area unfortunately,that the classic closing techniques taught in most sales training programs are ineffective and may hurt your chances of success.Those techniques works only on small sale and to inexperienced buyers.In large sales buyers take time to research about the product due to the cost involved which makes him to concentrate on the value of the product and how it will help him not the sellers ability to give s sales pitch.



Education And Unemployment(part 1)

Formal education usually begins with endurance and ends in great expectations which you are guaranteed are not there.this expectation has created in us an implicit and an almost touching faith in the system.We lelieve education and papers will make us reach,developed and modernised but the system is all about taking exams nothing more.Not necessarily  humane,considerate,loving and at peace with ourselves.We have put the market value on education,this value we hope will bring developed paradise and a happy life for every single one of us.I think it’s time that we had a close look at the product of our school system and look back to why the system was developed and what was the main intention of the developers of the system.Am sure the intention has already been passed with time and it needs renewal.The intention was to produce a robotic generation,people who can’t question authority.The system was developed and has not changed since then ask yourself why?

As teacher we are truly proud of our students who have made good in life,they are the old boys of our schools but for those who have failed or dropped out all are pushed out and become the old boys of the society.They are the problem of the politicians or the church leaders and not the school system.So the education system encourages those who are good in taking the exams not those who think critically.The society needs critical thinkers not crumers,most of those who are street smart did very poorly in school that the reason why the system is not fair and those who are good in taking the exams finds it had to feet in the society.

Why You Are Jobless

1.There Are No Jobs.

All positions that are available are already taken and you don’t have the capacity or muscle to struggle with those having the position at the moment,your job now should be building the muscle not looking for the job.You always struggle looking for something that is not there.Why not transfer the energy on creating and owning the job? It’s the easiest as the play ground is not crowded and you have the power to make the rule that governs your activities.stop looking for it create it.

2.Thats What You Were Taught 

In school you were only taught how to be unemployee and you gave the teacher the power to tell you what is right and wrong, you didnt have a chance to think for yourself and also you didn’t try,so you are still waiting for somebody from the blues to help you think as you are used to which is an outdated thing.

3.Nobody Is Telling You The Truth.

In this time of age papers are worth nothing just have them because it’s necessary but with papers alone you have a zero chance of gating a job.For a vacancy to be advertised somebody must have been fired,a new position must have been created or a certain job need to be finished.Ask your self are you better off than the person who have been fired,are you the best person for the new created position or are you equipped enough to do that job.Many people are coming out of school with nothing but just papers, who will employ you with papers alone the work place needs entrepreneurial skill which is not taught is school so don’t let schooling interfere with your educatuon,just go to school because it neccesary but take control of your education.There are no jobs you are here to create one.

4.You Are Not Networking.

You are always concerned of stupid thing on social media instead of using social media to your advantage by creating connection, you are only sillyworking on social media.What you post on social media describes you and you as a whole by taking time to post educative and useful thing on your account drives people with sober minds to start following you, which leads to them telling their friend and you build a following that connects with you on a personal leval.Connection is the key to unlocking your portential and you are taking it for granted and throwing it away throw social networking sites.

5.Changes In How Things Work.

Some time back when the system of education was being introduced thats in the early 90s, if you had the papers you had a well paying job and if you didn’t have that because you didnt want one but that have already been taken with time,population has increased the number of people looking for jobs have passed the number of jobs available so you are also suppose to change the tactic because the trend have changed we are now suppose to start creating job and school should also be build on that foundation to turn the tide on the opposite direction.


Most parents think parental care is providing for their children’s what so ever they need, that’s spoiling them.Kids are suppose to now how had it is to get cash.Dont provide everything only besic and every parent has a different meaning to the word basic depending to the social are suppose to see the struggle and hardship  parents go throw to provide for them to watch their steps and work who have and had everything on a silver platter grew up thinking that life is easy,they always depending on their parent to protect them and clean their mistakes,preventing them from becoming men and taking responsibility of their actions.

Taking a kid to school and paying his school fees is not enough as a parent you must get time ask how he is doing in school,check his performance and give him advice on how to improve.Only paying fees for a student/kid and assuming the others or not following up may give the kid  a notion that you didn’t do it willingly but under influence of sombody and you don’t care about the result you are just doing it for the are investing where you don’t need returns or profit.

A parent who struggles to bring his kids up always instill strong values to help the children’s drive themselves even when he is not around and that what I call parenting.

There are small thing apart from providing that kids value very much and that is parental protection,to have a person he/she can call a father or a mother who has the value and heart,person who guides him on the write direction,a person who gives him a chance to make bad and good decition so that he can learn because its better to make several mistakes at an early age and correct them than make a mistake when you are old that you can’t go back and correct.