Its really good to spent time with friends and relatives,you may have all the gadget that keeps you engageded and comfortable but we need the human interaction.You can read all the books in the world but the human touch is also important,too much of something is not good and also when you do something for a very long time it become boring and you are demoralized on doing it.Having real people and socializing in real life helps you build your personality and the challenges you go through trying to fit in make you rethink your steps,makes you evaluate yourself.By comparing yourself to real people not machines makes you to want more and more of improvement to better the game that you are into.



Most parents think parental care is providing for their children’s what so ever they need, that’s spoiling them.Kids are suppose to now how had it is to get cash.Dont provide everything only besic and every parent has a different meaning to the word basic depending to the social are suppose to see the struggle and hardship  parents go throw to provide for them to watch their steps and work who have and had everything on a silver platter grew up thinking that life is easy,they always depending on their parent to protect them and clean their mistakes,preventing them from becoming men and taking responsibility of their actions.

Taking a kid to school and paying his school fees is not enough as a parent you must get time ask how he is doing in school,check his performance and give him advice on how to improve.Only paying fees for a student/kid and assuming the others or not following up may give the kid  a notion that you didn’t do it willingly but under influence of sombody and you don’t care about the result you are just doing it for the are investing where you don’t need returns or profit.

A parent who struggles to bring his kids up always instill strong values to help the children’s drive themselves even when he is not around and that what I call parenting.

There are small thing apart from providing that kids value very much and that is parental protection,to have a person he/she can call a father or a mother who has the value and heart,person who guides him on the write direction,a person who gives him a chance to make bad and good decition so that he can learn because its better to make several mistakes at an early age and correct them than make a mistake when you are old that you can’t go back and correct.


We always say life is hard yes it’s hard but not to everybody,some people it’s not hard to them simply because they made some counsiours steps that made them to have a softer ground to land on when yours is had.when the economy is poor some are enjoying and it’s not that they are special it’s only that they are street smart,this days your smartness is measured by the number of zeros you have in your account and not the number of degrees you have.Those who take life very had without calculating there steps there are high chances they will never reach were they deserve only because they will never see the opportunity when it will present it self and they will die trying.