We always say life is hard yes it’s hard but not to everybody,some people it’s not hard to them simply because they made some counsiours steps that made them to have a softer ground to land on when yours is had.when the economy is poor some are enjoying and it’s not that they are special it’s only that they are street smart,this days your smartness is measured by the number of zeros you have in your account and not the number of degrees you have.Those who take life very had without calculating there steps there are high chances they will never reach were they deserve only because they will never see the opportunity when it will present it self and they will die trying.


You have problem’s be it financial or relationship problems its okay that’s part of life,even those who are financially stable and have good relationship still have problem thank God for giving you a smaller one because other people have problem’s that if you tell them you are stressed they will tell you that you are suppose to be the happiest man in the world.The most important thing is LIFE if you are alive that’s the first and free gift that you have been given by God and thank him for that others are just bonus.